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Places to Go Paintballing in Michigan | 2024 Guide

Places to Go Paintballing in Michigan

The state of Michigan is famed for its Great Lakes, mountainous terrains and sprawling stretches of sand dunes. As such, it should come as little surprise that this state is home to some of the best outdoor paintball fields in the country. Many of the biggest outdoor play fields are located within driving distance of Detroit and other urban centers. Below are just a few of the very best places to go paintballing in Michigan for you to consider.

Action Paintball Park

Located within easy reach of Detroit, Action Paintball Park is one of the best paintball venues in the area. This massive venue covers more than 43 acres of land, with indoor and outdoor parks available to cater to all types of playing scenarios. The indoor field was established in 2016 and provides paintball enthusiasts with the perfect venue, regardless of the weather.

If you are less experienced, the level terrain and convenient coverage provided by the indoor field will definitely appeal. However, bear in mind that you will need to plan ahead and make a reservation if you intend to make use of this indoor playing venue. If you prefer outdoor play, you have more choice available to you. In total, there are 8 outdoor fields to choose from.

The best of the bunch has to be ‘The Castle’, with its multiple defense towers, bridges and moat providing the ideal venue for siege scenario. You will also find battle fields for attack and defend scenarios, as well as urban game-play environments with a host of buildings and fenced barriers. A hyper ball field is also on offer for those who prefer a far more aggressive style of play.

Lone Wolf Paintball

Paintball fans in the area will already be familiar with Lone Wolf Paintball as a retail destination. However, this paintball venue has also operated a popular outdoor field for several decades. Today, Lone Wolf’s Metamora field covers more than 40 acres, encompassing a variety of challenging terrain and natural hurdles that make it well suited to the experienced paintballer looking for a considerable challenge.

This expansive outdoor field is only open from April to November, with open play only scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays. However, those looking to book a private party can make use of the field seven days a week. Lone Wolf Paintball will also impress those looking for a more exhaustive selection of rental equipment. You can also make use of the on site retail shop if you are looking to splash out on a new purchase.

Hell Survivors

Opened in 1984, Hell Survivors is one of the more established paintball fields in the Michigan area. In fact, this paintball field is one of the longest-running venues of its kind anywhere in the world. You can look forward to first-rate expertise here, with the venues operators having designed some of the best facilities in the region.

There are a dozen individual playing fields to enjoy at Hell Survivors, with something to suit everyone from the absolute beginner to the advanced paintballer looking for a more aggressive game-play scenario. Fans of woods ball are well catered for here, while those looking for tournament-style play are also provided for.

In addition to paintball, this venue also caters to airsoft players. Pricing is relatively reasonable, with full equipment rental facilities provided. Group bookings and larger events can also be arranged.

Futureball Paintball & Airsoft

If you are looking to book a group event, Futureball Paintball & Airsoft is a great choice of venue. This outdoor paintball field caters to all ages and skill levels, although those aged under 18 will need to produce a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. The venue itself will satisfy those looking for an immersive game-play environment, with dense woodland and plenty of obstacles on hand to provide you with essential cover as you take on the enemy.

This is also a very affordable place to play paintball. If you are arriving with your own gear, the price of admittance is incredibly low. What’s more, those with their own gear will also not need to make reservations to take part in public sessions. Rental packages are also inexpensive. The basic paintball rental package covers the use of a paintball marker, safety mask, tank and unlimited air refills.

However, paintball rounds must be purchased separately. If you are planning a group paintball session, significant discounts are available which will save you a small fortune.

Excalibur Paintball

Excalibur Paintball is one of the most established fields anywhere in Michigan. Having first opened its doors to the public in 1987, this venue continues to remain popular with paintball lovers. Admittedly, this outdoor venue is on the basic side. There isn’t the same variety that you will find at other venues in the area. However, the outdoor field is relatively large and comes loaded with obstacles and barriers.

Although accessible to newcomers, more experienced players will still find plenty to be happy about here. This field can be reserved for private sessions and parties, although open days are also regularly held. One of the great things about Excalibur Paintball is that free field sessions are regularly organized. If you are new to paintball and want to see what all the fuss is about, it is definitely worth checking out Excalibur Paintball’s schedule for upcoming free field entry offers.

In Summary

With so many paintball venues operating in Michigan, you should have no trouble finding somewhere new to do battle. If you are planning on playing paintball for the first time, you should consider opening hours. Most places only operate open play sessions during weekends, with overall opening hours being fairly limited.

However, the most established paintball fields will allow for private bookings during the week, provided your party is large enough. If you don’t have your own equipment, you should also consider the availability and pricing of equipment rentals at any field you are looking to visit.



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