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Places to Go Paintballing in New Jersey | 2023 Guide

Places to Go Paintballing in New Jersey

New Jersey is home to dozens of first class paintball venues. Because of its proximity to Newark and the state of New York, it is incredibly popular with city dwellers looking to head outdoors and enjoy a great game of paintball. Wide open spaces and thick woodlands make it particularly appealing to those who want to indulge in military simulation scenarios. Below are just a few of some of the very best places to go paintballing in New Jersey.

Battle Creek Paintball

Located in West Milford in North Jersey, Battle Creek Paintball is a great choice of venue for those looking to take full advantage of the great outdoors. The outdoor environment this venue is situated in is incredibly diverse, with more than 15 ares of hills, forests and buildings laid out for your to explore and do battle in.

These outdoor fields also feature secret passageways and concealed hiding places to make your games more thrilling. Standout fields include Skull Mountain, the Junk Yard and The Fortress. With so much variety on offer, even paintball veterans will find plenty to challenge them at Battle Creek. Although it is advised that you book ahead of time to enjoy Battle Creek, this venue is ideal for hosting corporate events and team building exercises.

Because of its family-friendly atmosphere, it also a great place to book parties and casual games. The venue also plays host to regular tournaments, while night games are also frequent fixtures. A particularly exciting attraction of Battle Creek are its frequent zombie events. During these thrilling events, actors take the part of zombies and wander through the suburban staged battlefield for players to take aim at.

Cousins Paintball

If you’re looking for a venue situated near the Jersey Shore area of the state, Cousins Paintball is an ideal destination. This sprawling paintball field includes more than 80 acres of terrain, ranging from wooded areas to wide open spaces.

With so much variety to the terrain, it is the perfect venue for woods ball and the more experienced paintball player looking for a challenge. However, this is also a family-friendly venue, with low-impact rounds on offer for younger players. This paintball venue open on Saturday and Sundays to the general public, so you may find the field a little too crowded for your liking if you roll up on a weekend.

However, Cousins Paintball is also available for private use during the week if you book ahead of time. Reasonably priced with a variety of equipment rental options available, In addition to open play and competitive play scenarios, Cousins Paintball also plays host to many special events.

On Target Action Park

Located in Pemberton in South Jersey, On Target Action Park boasts more than a dozen playing fields, providing you with an incredibly varied paintball venue. With so much variety on offer, this is a venue that is geared towards players of every skill level. Those looking for laid-back open play are catered for here, while those after higher stakes and faster play with speedball scenarios are also provided for.

Those looking for something a little bit different will also love the zombie themed special events. If you are looking to solely play paintball, On Target Action Park is one of the more budget-friendly venues around. Walk on play prices are very competitive, while military simulation and speedball play is also reasonably priced. You can also make reservations for private groups.

Six month membership are also available, granting you free walk on admittance during general opening times and significant discounts on paintball rounds and store merchandise. You can also use your membership to secure free entry to one special scenario event every six months.

Playground Paintball Park

Another standout venue in South Jersey, Playground Paintball is geared towards both recreational play and tournament-level play. This premium venue will also suit players of all skill levels, while the fields are large enough that larger groups and parties will have little trouble enjoying a game to remember.

One thing to bear in mind about this venue is that it is only open on Sundays for walk on play, while those looking to play on Saturday can only do so by making a reservation ahead of time. You also need to think about equipment when planning a day out at Playground Paintball Park. While equipment rentals are provided, you will need to bring your own barrels and other equipment. The venue also only caters to HPA tank refills, so if you only play with a CO2 tank, this isn’t the venue for you.

Anchor Paintball

Located in Whippany, Anchor Paintball is a multi-faceted outdoor adventure complex that caters to several different pursuits. In addition to paintball, this venue also hosts a driving range, golfing facilities and baseball batting cages. The paintball offering is particularly impressive. Unlike other facilities that are only open on weekends, Anchor Paintball can be enjoyed seven days a week, although you will need to make a booking ahead of arrival.

This venue also offers a first-rare range rental equipment, rather than a basic line-up of paintball markers. Here, you can get to grips with things like paintball sniper rifles and semi-automatic markers usually only encountered during military simulation scenarios. Protective gear and marker accessories can also be rented, while paintball round ammunition can be picked up in bulk very cheaply.

In Summary

These are only a few of the best paintball venues in New Jersey. You’ll find a great deal more places to play paintball in the Garden State, with many venues also catering to airsoft engagements and other outdoor pursuits. When selecting somewhere to play paintball in New Jersey, bear in mind that not every venue is open seven days a week. The majority of venues will only cater to open play and walk on admittance during weekends and for limited hours.

Booking ahead is always the best option and advance reservations will also generally yield greater discounts. Equipment rentals also need to be considered. The majority of places provide a full range of markers and protective gear for rental, but the cost of hiring gear for the day can often prove more expensive than the cost of admittance.



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