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Bunkerkings CMD Paintball Mask Review | Best Paintball Mask in 2024?

If you are at all familiar with the paintball gear market, you will have no doubt heard about the success story that is BunkerKings. The CMD paintball mask has been engineered to provide the very best in anti-fog performance. This premium mask will allow you to main clear visibility for the lengthy paintball sessions. It will also allow you to breathe easily, even faced with particularly gruelling conditions. If you are searching for the ideal balance of comfort, convenience and fog-proof performance, the BunkerKings CMD paintball mask will prove a perfect fit for your needs.


Superior Design

This effective paintball mask has been built around the Virtue VIO lens system. This system is known for its quick-change capabilities, making it suited toward players who want to waste as little time as possible on basic changes to their gear. As soon as you put this mask on, you will notice the first-craft craftsmanship and enhanced technology on offer.

Each and every element included in the overall mask design has been carefully balanced to provide you with the best in performance, no matter what conditions you are likely to play in. However, the main aim of the BunkerKings CMD is to eliminate the amount of fog that builds up on the inside of your visor. The CMD does this very effectively, bringing together no less than three distinct design elements to produce the best performance possible.


Anti-Fog Technology

You will be glad to know that the BunkerKings CMD paintball mask uses superior lenses at the heart of its design. The lens sits apart from other lenses on the market, with an enhanced thermal pane that provides you with effective anti-fog performance. These premium lenses are complemented by the best polycarbonate materials available.

All this combines for a mask that excels when it comes to crystal clear optics. Although many advanced masks provide exceptional levels of clarity, the BunkerKings CMD mask also provides you with a real depth of vision. This is essential in allowing you to take a proper account of your surroundings and adjust your playing style accordingly.



Any good paintball mask should allow you to breathe comfortably at all times. This mask maintains a great deal of airflow at all times. The ventilation properties of the CMD mask from BunkerKings are extraordinary. Any excess moisture is quickly removed from the interior of the mask, while warm air is also effectively removed.

This not only eliminates the chance of condensation forming on the inside of the lens, it also keeps the internal conditions of your mask cool and comfortable. This mask is a great option for those who put themselves through their paces during woodsball. Even if you are working up a sweat and breathing heavily, you will never have to worry about condensation affecting your performance.

This mask also includes a superior faceplate. This plate is larger than what you might normally expect from paintball masks. The larger size of the plate provides a much wider clearance for your mouth. This ups the air circulation credentials of the mask and maximises breathability. In fact, the mask is around three times more effective than other options available.

If sound clarity and communication is important to you, the BunkerKings CMD is a solid bet. The mask has been engineered to accommodate the anatomy of the face of the wearer perfectly, adapting to natural contours. Flexible materials have been used to make these natural contouring as effective as possible. All of this will provide you with incredible comfort, while also leaving you confident that your eyes and face are protected against volatile paintball rounds.

The inside of the mask has also been shaped to provide you with good sound clarity. This not only allows your ears to pick up external sounds with less distortion, it also means your voice will carry over greater distances. If you are a team player who wants to stay in constant communication with your fellow paintballers, this is a must.


Enhanced Protection

Any good paintball mask needs to provide the wearer with enhanced levels of protection. The BunkerKings CMD will not let you down in this regard. The BunkerKings CMD includes an integrated micro-visor that serves to improve your optics. It also provides you with an essential extra layer of protection against incoming paintball rounds. If you are wearing lightweight goggles with a more low-profile design, this additional layer of protection will be entirely welcome.

The faceplate of the BunkerKings CMD paintball mask has also been manufactured to provide you with advanced protection against paintball projectiles. The general shape of the faceplate has more bounce than other options, and flexes when impacted with force. In most situations, the CMD will effectively absorb the majority of energy of an impact. You will experience very little vibration, with your face and head barely registering the force of impact.

The construction of this mask is superb. The combination of superior materials and manufacturing standards further bolsters the level of protection provided by the CMD. Despite all of this, the mask fits tightly to the face. It is particularly snug at the jaw, making the BunkerKings CMD something to consider if you are looking for substantial chin and jawline protection.

The design of the faceplate also helps reduce the amount of echoing you will experience when playing. With additional porting around the ear, this mask will allow you to easily communicate with other players in the field.


Incredible Wearing Comfort

The BunkerKings CMD paintball mask is directed toward the user who values high levels of comfort. Compared to other paintball masks, the CMD is a pleasure to wear for long stretches of time. As with any premium mask, the BunkerKings CMD allows you to replace the internal foam inserts. Genuine CMD foam replacements are also noticeably firmer than other foam material available.

The foam insert also include an additional layer of microfibre material, increasing comfort and enhancing protective capabilities. The foam also alleviates the amount of pressure on the face of the wearer, with a wider design ensuring a more even distribution of pressure.

This mask also features a wider goggle strap. Although many masks include a double strap design, the wider form of the single strap here provides you with good levels of grip. Silicone grips can also be found on the inside of the mask. This helps ensure the CMD stays where it is as you play. It also further alleviates pressure levels when wearing this mask. If you have noticed yourself walking away from the paintball field with a headache in the past, the BunkerKings CMD will prove to be a revelation.


In Conclusion

The BunkerKings CMD paintball mask is admittedly an expensive option. It definitely occupies the high-cost end of the market. However, there is a huge amount of technical innovation here that justifies the significant price of the CMD. The anti-fog performance alone will ensure you have little problem forking out for the premium retail price. Superior thermal lens technology and incredible ventilation makes this one of the more breathable models available.

This mask also does a great job of maintaining excellent acoustics and communication at all times. If you want clear hearing with no distortion whatsoever, the BunkerKings CMD will satisfy your requirements. The CMD also guarantees comfort. The BK foam inserts are very impressive, while the anatomic geometry and ample mouth clearance means you will never find yourself itching to remove this mask during a paintball session. This mask also satisfies when it comes to dynamic protection. This paintball mask model has superb bounce deflection, with flexible zones to further minimise shocks.



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