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6 Best Paintball Guns Under 500 in 2023 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

If you can afford to shell out more for a paintball marker, you can look forward to premium features and first class functionality. You can now begin to think about moving beyond the limitations of basic mechanical marker models and look toward the electronic paintball gun market. More expensive paintball markers come with superior features like multiple firing modes and dual ammo feed systems.
Durability is also significantly improved thanks to cutting-edge materials and better builds. Keep reading for essential guidance on what to remember when shopping around for the best paintball guns under 500. Make sure to check out our article on the best military paintball guns of 2020!

What Types of Paintball Markers are Available?

While modest budgets will usually limit you to pump action paintball guns and mechanical markers, a more substantial budget will allow you to consider electronic markers. The key selling point of this style of marker is an integrated circuit board. These markers operate differently to conventional guns, with the trigger operating more like a button. This facilitates multiple firing modes, making electronic markers suitable for a wide range of scenarios.

Electronic markers mean you can be as economical or trigger happy as you like when it comes to unleashing paintball rounds on the enemy. If you are playing tactical paintball and need to preserve your ammunition, an electronic marker lets you fire off short, controlled bursts. Firing modes can be changed quickly, letting you switch between semi-automatic firing and fully automatic settings in seconds. Most electronic markers will also you to select ramping firing modes and burst firing modes.

MagFed Markers

Tactical paintball players will want to think about spending a bolstered budget on a magazine-fed marker. The best MagFed paintball guns out there will include dual-loading systems, combining classic gravity-assisted hoppers with magazine loaded systems. Magazines have a significantly lower ammo carrying capacity than hoppers, but provide paintballers with more challenging scenarios. They also add realistic detail to paintball guns, making them well suited to fans of MilSim.

Premium Build Quality

If you are investing a significant amount of money in a paintball gun, make sure it is made from high-grade materials. If you are able to spend around 500 on a marker, think about purchasing one made from carbon fibre or superior polymer material. Paintball guns manufactured from these types of material are designed to allow for regular, heavy-duty play. They also benefit from being lightweight, especially when you compare them to stainless steel and metal alloys.

Complete Paintball Packages

Although it is easy to find inexpensive paintball bundles, these complete packages often include inferior accessories and extras. If you have a decent budget at your disposal, you can afford to be a bit more discerning when selecting bundled sets. The paintball gun itself is the most important element of any package, so make sure the marker itself is of a high enough spec.
Although complete paintball sets include a wide range of items, the most important aspects after the gun are the harness and mask. Look for a paintball harness that provides plenty of carrying capacity for ammo pods and CO2 tanks. The most basic harnesses out there will only allow you to carry three or four standard holders, which generally equates to around 800 total rounds.
Superior pod holders will allow you to carry around twice as many rounds. Any paintball mask included should be incredibly comfortable and offer superior protective capabilities. Go for paintball masks that include internal foam cushioning that conforms to the face of the wearer. Lenses with anti-fog treatments are also useful for those intending to play in a rang e of weather conditions.
Ventilation is also crucial. Effective vents at the front will make the mask more wearable ad help combat condensation. You can also afford to be more demanding when it comes to the basic extras. Things like paintball pods, hoppers and other everyday items should be made to an exactly standard if you are paying substantially more for your purchase.

Product Reviews

Prepared to spent a little more on a marker? We have singled out some of the best paintball guns under 500 for you to consider.

Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Marker – Dust Black

This Empire Axe 2.0 paintball demonstrates how much more you get from your money if you are prepared to spend a little more. This marker includes a high-performance Shockwave board that allows you to select from a variety of firing modes. You can choose from semi-automatic firing, full automatic firing, ramp firing and burst settings. All four firing modes are also completely adjustable. This paintball gun also includes a relay venting ASA regular with an on/off lever for easy operation.

A push button bolt removal system is also the standard here. This allows you carry out maintenance without the need for tools. This is very practical for those who need to carry out maintenance during paintball games. It also makes this a user-friendly model for the less experienced player who is not that familiar with the fundamentals of marker maintenance.

The lightweight design of this paintball gun also makes it easy to handle. You can also expect superb levels of firing precision from this gun, with the accurate Driver XX two-piece barrel ensuring your paintball rounds hit the target more often than not.


Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun – Dust Black 2-pc Barrel

The Empire Mini GS is a popular choice of marker at the moment. A quick look over the specs of this marker makes it easy to see why. The Empire Mini GS boasts a pressure controlled poppet engine for consistent, reliable performance. Break-beam anti-chop eyes are also integrated into this impressive design.

You can also select between a variety of tournament-level firing modes, with full adjustments supported. The frame itself has been tailored to provide you with a more user-friendly marker. A wraparound fore grip provides enhanced stability, allowing you to maintain a superior grip in all playing conditions. The fore grip will is also compatible with Redline OLED boards.

This marker is also reasonably lightweight. There are no external air hoses here, with through-grip air transfer utilised instead. The micro-honed ported barrel is also made from aluminium, eliminating excess weight to make the marker more manageable and easy to carry.

Although this marker comes with a higher asking price than most models, it is not reserved only for the more advanced player. Maintenance of the Empire Mini GS is very straightforward, with only two hex wrenches required to strip the gun down and carry out essential repairs, maintenance and upgrades.


Dye Rize CZR Paintball Marker (Black/Lime)

The Dye Rize CZR stands head and shoulders above most markers, even when you consider the premium end of the market. This efficient paintball gun has a wide raft of first-rate features that will dramatically improve your performance. Standout design features here include the True Core two-piece barrel, the Hyper3 regulator, DYE Ultralite on/off Airport and the DYE lever lock. All of these combine to make your paintball play as easy as possible, providing you with superior firepower that does not require much effort.

Other innovative design features include anti-chop eyes and the screw together bolt system. This marker also utilises a patented self-cleaning eye pipe that means minimal maintenance is required to ensure your gun remains in full working order. Colour-coded O-rings also make it easy to strip down your marker, particularly if you are a beginner with less confidence when it comes to carrying out repairs and implementing upgrades.

The Dye Rize CZR is also built with easy handling in mind. The reinforced feed neck and longer marker body result in improved ergonomics, allowing you to target and fire more easily. This marker also comes with welcome extras including a parts kit, slick lube, barrel sock, tool kit and 9-volt battery.


Dangerous Power G5 Spec-R Paintball Gun with OLED Board – Pulsar (Polished Purple/Silver), Pulsar Purple

If you want the perfect balance of lightweight convenience and first class firing output, the Dangerous Power G5 Spec-R is something to think about spending your money on. This premium marker features a two-piece micro-honed barrel kit. This 14-inch barrel is particularly effective at straightening out trajectories of your paintball rounds, ensuring you make precise impact with your targets. This paintball gun also includes an Ogled Profiler board with a fully programme Parker set point.

The sleeker structure of this marker makes it a good match for paintballers who want to keep light on their feet and play at a fast pace. Even with the barrel attached, this paintball marker only weighs slightly more than half a kilogram. The little details and finishes make this marker a particularly attractive model.

The milled trigger provides you with essential traction, ensuring you always fire on cue, even in wet conditions. The trigger frame has also been rebalanced when compared to previous models from the manufacturer, making it a first-rate performer.


Planet Eclipse Etha2 PAL Paintball Marker – HDE Earth

The Planet Eclipse Etha2 is designed to deliver exceptional performance, even in the most challenging of environments. This robust paintball marker has been designed to endure extreme heat and cold, with the hard-wearing external construction built to last and withstand the toughest of challenges.

The interior elements of this marker are made from high-grade aluminium. This ensures reliable firing performance at all times, without the additional weight associated with bulkier materials like steel.

This PAL enabled version of the Etha2 is powered by the now iconic Gamma Core spool valve drivetrain. You will be hard-pressed to find a market that delivers the same rate of firing consistency as this model. A hose-less air transfer system also makes this marker particularly effective and reliable. This marker is an expensive investment, but the more advanced player will find plenty to enjoy here.

The Etha2 has been designed with exceptional ergonomics in mind, with stretched grip spacing and a more natural balance making it easy to aim with and shoot. Tool-less grip access and removal also makes this a very accessible option for those who want to spend less time on maintenance. An ambidextrous LED status indicator also ensures this paintball is suitable for left-handed and right-handed players alike.


Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL Mechanical Paintball Marker – Black

If you are able to spend a little more on a mechanical marker, the Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL will reward you with user-friendly design and reliable firepower performance. If you are at all familiar with the brand, you will notice that the MG100 is something of a departure from the usual offering from Planet Eclipse. However, the manufacturer more than delivers with this premium mechanical marker.

This paintball gun makes a superb first impression with military-grade aesthetics, making it a good selection for those keen to enjoy military simulation scenarios. This magazine-fed design will also benefit MilSim scenarios. However, you also have the option to utilise hopper-fed loading if you wish, making this marker a versatile model.

The MG100 is beautifully balanced for easy handling,, while composite frame makes it well suited to more demanding gameplay. You also have plenty of scope when it comes to configuring your marker to individual requirements. The MG100 is compatible with a selection of stock and spring components, while accessory rails can also be utilised to customise your paintball gun with an extensive range of upgrades.




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